12 Ideas For More Enthusiastic Public Speaking

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 Here are some final ideas on puttting enthusiasm in your public speaking to be more effective.

Enthusiasm is never a halfway or lukewarm activity. It demands a person’s complete attention, his devotion, and his willingness to share his complete self with humanity. But the rewards are surely worth the effort. What advantage or satisfaction is there in half giving, holding back, or only half living? Surely the purpose of life is to live it completely, to share it freely, and to use it as effectively as the Creator intended.
So in daily conversations, when you speak in public, or in any human relationship, give yourself completely, and you will find that the enthusiasm you give to others will be reflected back to you many fold!

Here are 12 ideas to help develop your own enthusiasm and be more enthusiastic:

1. Make a three to five minute speech on a subject which is of great interest to you. Deliver this talk as enthusiastically as you can.
2. Give yourself an occasional “pep” talk on the advantages of being enthusiastic. This is a laboratory type talk. Talk out loud to yourself for about a minute. Be fully animated and highly enthusiastic as you talk.
3. List all  the negative forces which may be causing you to lack enthusiasm. How can you free yourself from these forces?
4. Make a  two  to three minute talk about “The Most  Enthusiastic Person I Know.”   (Yourself excluded,of course!)
5. Interview two or three highly enthusiastic people. Try to find out why they are so enthusiastic. Exchange knowledge and ideas in a class discussion about these people.
6. Cite  an  illustration of how  enthusiasm was misused.
7. Distinguish between fanaticism and enthusiasm.
8. Why do some people refuse to be enthusiastic?
9. During your next conversation see how attentive you can be.
Did you observe the effect on the person with whom you talked?

10. Sincerely act enthusiastically all day tomorrow. Report the results.
11. In a conversation with a child about a toy, or something else that interests him, see how enthusiastic you can be. Notice the effect on the child.
12. List all the personal qualities that contribute to enthusiastic speaking. How can you attain these qualities?

Enthusiasm on its own can be a powerful technique to possess. But combined with other public speaking skills it can help you to be more persuasive and effective public speaking. If you are looking for more ideas and hints on how to improve your public speaking effectiveness, check out out our free e-course by entering your details in the box to the right.

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