3 Quick Techniques To Beat Public Speaking Anxiety

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Public speaking anxiety is not a fear that anyone is born with. We come into this world with 2 fears only – fear of falling and fear of loud noises. It is taught to us by well-meaning parents and adults.

Some sources of public speaking anxiety are;-

1. The saying “children should be seen and not heard” – not always explicit but can be implied by parents and others in their approach to over – excited children. Or when asking questions, the response can be ridicule from others. It is later in life that we learn the philosophy that there are no dumb questions.

2. The other piece of advice given is “It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.” This can be good advice but there are times when the adivce should be to speak up and be heard.

There are other examples but the point is that public speaking anxiety is learnt.

And because public speaking stage fright is learnt it is possible to beat it.

Here Are 3 Quick Public Speaking Anxiety Tips:

It is useful to know that public speaking anxiety has be taught to us. It means that it can be “unlearnt.” Many of the confident public speakers today overcame their public speaking fear. We can follow in their footsteps to become more at ease when speaking and presenting to groups.
Here are 3 easy tips to help with public speaking anxiety:-
1. Don’t think about your speech being criticized. Instead think to yourself “I am doing my best. And if someone is unhappy with my speech, so what?”
2. Remember you feel more nervous than you will appear to the audience. Also, most audiences are sympathetic towards you. They know how hard it is to speak in public and are glad it isn’t them.

3. If you are feeling tense before you speak go for a short walk or do some stretches to relieve tension.Take a few deep breaths just before you speak to help you relax.

Public speaking anxiety, we know, can be overcome because it is a learnt response and many other people have been able to overcome it.

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