A Key To Success In Business Speaking

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A business speaker is only as good as his or her ability to design a speech and communicate effectively.

It can be wrong to believe an expert on business matters will also be an expert on delivering an effective speech.

Full-time, business speaker John Bell describes some of the techniques he uses that have resulted in delegates voting him ‘Speaker of the Year’ on so many occasions.

In this article John gives an overview of how a professional business speaker goes about creating order by giving a speech some sense of structure.

They may be confident, experiences business gurus, but stick them in front of an audience to speak and they may go to pieces.

I begin by stating a fact ~ the best business speakers are not born with an ability to give informative, memorable, and entertaining speeches.

The best learn the art of giving a business speech and then practise, practise and practise.

Here are my tips to a business speaker on structuring a business speech.

Determine what the title and objective of the business speech is to be. By way of example the title might be ‘Earning a Living as a Business Speaker’ and the aim to give delegates an understanding of the art and techniques used in the public speaking profession.

You can establish the objective as a business speaker by simply asking ‘by the end of my presentation what would you like delegates to do or what would you prefer them to be thinking?’

It’s also wise as a business speaker to know exactly how long your speech is expected to last in the event’s proceedings.

In preparation for the task ahead clear your desk of all clutter and you are already on the road to becoming a polished business speaker admired by many.

Use something similar to the Post-its that are available at most office supply stores and write the title and aim or objective of your business speech on two separate sheets and place them near the middle of your desk.

Carry out a brainstorming session by writing anything that comes to mind that is connected to your title or business speaker objectives onto additional Post-its and place them around your title and defined objective.

Once you have covered your desk you will then need to cull. Get rid of anything that is not central to the objectives of your presentation as a business speaker.

Take into account the amount of time that the event organisers have set aside for your speech, and the time allocated to you, the business speaker, at the end of your talk to take questions from the audience etc.

I work on the basis that each topic or issue I include as a business speaker will normally require around three minutes of time.

Establish order in your business speaker presentation by separating the Post-its and creating a beginning, middle and end in your speech. The beginning might be related to what existed prior to the production of the the amazing, new product, the middle a reference to the main advantages of the product, and the end perhaps some reference to the future benefits the delegates will achieve when they use the fantastic product.

Experienced business speakers have come to realise that an overview of their presentation assists an audience digest the business information being provided.

The conclusion provided by a business speaker usually consists of little more than a brief summary of the presentation and an equally short ‘thank you for listening’ comment or an ‘any questions in the time remaining?’ type statement.

Remember that important matters in your business speech may mean other less important material needs to be dropped. Quality business speakers know how to allocate time to talk topics.

Providing a sound platform for which to launch a business speech is a sure-fire way to gain the admiration of those who make up the audience.

Business speaker John Bell is one of the most popular speakers on the professional circuit. Working internationally, he offers his many clients an ‘all-in’ speaker fee. Visit his website to watch short show-reel videos of him performing, to better understand how he provides a ‘total satisfaction guarantee’ to his many clients.

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