A Tale Of Two Stories In Public Speaking

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You can find interesting stories to use in public speaking in newspapers. But, how do you change them to be more interesting for use in a speech?

A human interest story can be made a lot more fascinating by organizing it in a way which particularly is attractive to audiences.
Musicians know that the kind of arrangements they perform will certainly have an impact on audiences’ reception of their tunes. Similarly the arrangement of a story is essential. Occasionally a public speaker will be able to improve a story he hears or reads prior to using it in a speech.
Observe the following story as it appeared in several daily papers:

307 Pounder Drops To 170 All for Love

Atlanta – Marvin “Fat” Samples, a parking lot worker, fell in love – all 307 pounds of him.
The object of his affections was attracted but insistent. “Chop off 127 pounds,” she said, “and we will see.”
Samples did exactly that, going on a rigid diet plan and getting his
bodyweight right down to a hundred and eighty in only eight months time. Maxine, an attractive redhead, said yes and they were married.
The bridegroom did not quit. He kept on staying on a diet and today weighs a mere 170. How did he do it?
“I simply ate steak and tomatoes,” Samples said, “and drank all the black coffee I wanted.”

Here is a love story. A heart throb with a hint of humor. 300, seven pounds of human interest. It’s interesting as the reporter wrote it. However one public speaker thought he could make this story more fascinating. Here’s the way he shared it:
Marvin “Fat” Samples a parking lot attendant of Atlanta, fell in love – all 307 pounds of him, with a gorgeous hazel-eyed brunette, named Maxine.
Parked in a jalopy, beneath a full moon, and in a magnolia-scented lane, Fat took her peach pickin’ hand and just like a lovesick hippopotamus, drawled, “Max, Darling, will yuh all marry me?”
The lovelight in her eyes said yes, but pride compelled her tongue to say, “Chop off over one hundred pounds, Big Boy, and we will see.”
What exactly did Fatty do?
He ate lean beef and tomatoes rather than potatoes and fat pork. And following 8 months of half starving, the poor fellow lost 127 pounds, nearly enough lard to fill a bushel basket.
Then he popped the question once again.
She gave him the once over and said, “Yes, sir-ee!”
They were married. And he adored her so much that to please her he voluntarily lost another ten pounds. However – maybe as of this very second, Fats is at the refrigerator looking for yet another beloved pork sandwich!
How does this differ from the news story?

I’ll answer the question in my next post. If you are looking to be more interesting public speaker or presenter check out our free e course in the box on the right and get it direct to your in-box.

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