Adding Variety To Your Voice In Public Speaking

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Variety in your voice helps to keep your public speaking interesting. No-one likes listening to a dull monotone voice.

Thoroughly feeling a talk puts interesting natural variety in a speaker’s tones. And how refreshing variety is! Change, change, CHANGE. Appropriate variety holds interest, stimulates thinking, and revives an audience’s spirits.
Using variety is not a new idea. About two hundred years ago, William Cowper, a poet, said, “Variety’s the very spice of life.” And although this truth is time worn, some speakers still do not realize its value or surely they wouldn’t continue torturing audiences with monotony.
Variety’s The Very Spice of Life. Keep this truth handy and use it when you select and arrange materials for a speech. Also, when you practice, make that speech “live” through vocal in¬flection, variation of force, rate, and bodily action.
Get variety in your speaking by coloring your vocal tones with feeling to match your ideas.
Say, “The knife was sharp,” and as you speak, feel a sharp, bright blade cutting your finger.
Now say, “The old ax was dull.” And picture yourself sweating while trying to chop a tough green log with a rusty, ragged-edged ax. Feel the hopelessness of ever chopping that green log with a dull ax. When a speaker can mix a generous portion of feeling with his thoughts, his words will surely be expressive. Usually a dull, monotonous speaker is one who gives little thought and no feeling to the ideas he expresses.

If you think about what you are going to say it will help to variety to your voice. By caring what you are saying will help you be more expressive in your public speaking. It you want to find out more on confident public speaking please enter your details on the right and receive a 7 day course on confident public speaking plus hints and tips.

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