An Easy Step by Step Approach To Preparing An Effective Speech

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Once you have decided to give a speech, you are faced with choice between delivering an impromptu speech or taking the time to prepare for it.

Not many people are suited to impromptu speaking (although sometimes it is unavoidable), and usually the most effective public speaking comes from thorough preparation. Thorough preparation also builds self-confidence.

Here is an outline of the steps for developing a successful speech:

1.    Know your subject.
2.    Ask yourself the question: How can I help the audience?
3.    Before preparing a speech:
(a) Think about it for several days,(but don’t take too long
(b) Research – books, newspapers etc
(c)  Ask questions – organizers, experts of the filed etc
4.    What kind of a speech are you going to make?
(a)    Impart information.
(b)    Persuade.
(c)    Inspire.
(d)    An after-dinner speech.
5.     The main steps must be:
The opening.
Creation of interest.
Creation of confidence.
The body of the speech (which will be sub-divided into several steps or main points).
The close.
6.    Write down the sub-heads which will apply to each step.
7.    Cut out information of little importance.
8.    Devise a good opening sentence for each point.
9.    Illuminate each point  with one, some or all of the following:
(a)    Use statistics to prove your point.
(b)    Present facts to prove your point.

(c)    Give an historical fact in an interesting way
(d)    Tell an anecdote.
(e)    Tell a funny story.
(ƒ)    Give an analogy.
(g)     Give a quotation.
(h)     Recite a poem or part of a poem.

10. Remember these guidelines:
Statistics—make them interesting.
Quotations—make them relevant.
Anecdotes—consider using a personal story    .

I believe this blueprint can help anyone develop an effective public speaking speech or presentation. In the posts that follow I will expand on the points to further explain the steps.

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