Another Exercise For Overcoming Public Speaking Fear

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Public speaking fear is a natural fear that is common among many people. Although it is natural it came be overcome and the benefits of being a confident speaker can be enjoyed by anyone who has this natural fear. Performing speech drills is one way to overcome the public speaking fear.

My second speech drill (see previous post for the first) is for a speaker to tell and show the way to do any activity “which he is very familiar with, for example, – swimming, golf, volleyball, boxing, fishing, rowing, jumping a rope, playing basketball,etc.
Or he may well pick an object (anything) and rave about its values to an imaginary or real audience. He talks about the item as though it was worth a million dollars, pleads with men and women to get it, tells and shows them why they will need it. He puts his entire heart, body, and soul into the drill – despite the fact that realizing it’s only a drill and far much more exaggerated than any speaking he will genuinely do in public. But such drilling will pay a speaker large dividends by giving him freedom of spirit and fearless force when he does speak in public.
Speech exercises which call for violent, exaggerated physical action will help an individual lose the inhibitions which contribute to fear. They’re somewhat like a strong man lifting heavy weights. Since the strong man has become accustomed to lifting heavy weights he can lift ordinary objects as though they were just feathers. Similarly, when a speaker does heavy drills, successfully appearing in front of any any audience becomes like a walk in the park for him. When he can do ridiculous stunts just before an audience, speaking sensibly for listeners is comparatively simple.

Public Speaking Fear Drills Purpose

The purpose of drills is to assist in control and direct nervous energy as opposed to check or kill it.
Some students appear to have the mistaken idea about controlling public speaking fear. For example, one said, “When I’m up there speaking I wish I could really feel just like a block of wood.”
What type of speech could a block of wood make? Would that young man prefer being a dead mule to being a race horse eager at the bit?
Really, to speak well, we ought to feel a challenge when we face an audience. We maintain all our nervous energy, but we focus it to work positively as opposed to in a confused and distressing way.

Therefore public speaking fear is overcome and used to perform at your best when making a speech.

My next post will have some more speech drills and exercising for defeating your public speaking fear.

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