Beating The Fear Of Public Speaking

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We all know that being in the public eye is not only a huge part of running a business but also a key aspect to being taken seriously as a professional in Network Marketing, Sales, Corporate Relations, etc. Unfortunately, the fear of public speaking can make or break our success in life.

Conquering the FEAR that most people experience when they speak in front of others is most easily understood in four steps that just happen to coincide with the actual letters in the word itself.

F – Fight/Flight E – Excitement A – Adrenaline Rush R – Rehearse

F – Fight/Flight A person’s initial response to an unfamiliar situation is either fight or flight. If you choose flight, then you are basically saying, “I’m out of here”. You run from being pulled out of your comfort zone and refuse the idea of change. People that seek success and aren’t afraid of confronting their fears usually make the other choice…FIGHT! They recognize that they are outside of their comfort zone and are willing to face those fears head on. Yes, it is very scary but don’t let fear take control by running away from your dreams!

E – Excitement When you make the decision to walk in front of an audience and open your heart up to a bunch of strangers, you are excited and eager to forge forward on your journey. The realization of being personally responsible for the initiation of your own dream and acting on that dream is so exciting that it is overwhelming for the human body. So, what happens next?

A – Adrenaline Rush You made the choice to fight your fear of public speaking, you’re excited about this choice and now your adrenaline begins to rush throughout your entire body. Your knees begin to knock, your hands shake, your skin becomes clammy and worst of all…YOU CAN’T BREATHE! An adrenaline rush will cause you to second guess your choice of fight, but don’t give into those negative emotions.

R- Rehearse The last and most important step in conquering your fear of public speaking is to rehearse. You must do it over and over and over again until you are comfortable in your new environment, you deliver an outstanding presentation, and you embrace your audience like you’ve known them for years. Rehearsal is the step that will determine the quality of your public speaking.

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