Conquering Your Public Speaking Fear

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Everyone at some point in their life will have to confront some challenges. For some people it is the fear of public speaking. It is a fear that effects so many people from young to old. The fear of public speaking is directly related to the fear of failure or the fear of being in a room full of people. Overcoming these fears may seem difficult while in the moment, but the best way of dealing with your fears is to face them directly.

Fear is a deterrent that can hold you hostage to keep you from realizing your dreams. The presence of fear itself can serve as a self destructive force that can reduce confidence in several of your everyday functions. That truth has been told so many times by the cliché “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself”. Although it may sound like just some sort of pep talk, these words are absolutely true. As a matter of fact, I am going to share with you a personal experience I had while attempting to conquer my fears of public speaking.

Until my first public speaking assignment in the fourth grade, I never knew that I had a fear of speaking in public. I was quite social at that age and I was also popular, but the thought of getting in front of the whole classroom gave me more than just butterflies. To make matters worse, I was the first one called to give my presentation to the classroom. Being that I did not have a choice, I was forced to face my fears.

The presentation seem like it took forever for me to finish. I felt like it was a never ending bad dream, but at the end of the day, I received the highest marks in the class. The fact is even the kids that were not nervous, did not do well because they were experiencing something new. The only way to overcome the fear of anything for me is practice. It is easy to fear the unknown, but until you face your fears, you will never know what it is that you actually fear.

It can be hard or even seem impossible for someone trying to overcome their fears on their own, but it doesn’t have to be. Everyone needs an inspirational friend to confide in to release the uncomfortable self doubt that fear can create. I believe that fear is just a lazy mind that needs encouragement, so I try to surround myself with motivational positive individuals. If your surroundings prevent you from finding that inspiration, you can also wrap your thoughts around a good book. I have found some great inspiration from reading the short inspirational thoughts from The Eby Way by Gary Eby.

Overcoming the fear of public speaking was a one of my greatest triumphs. The fact that I was forced to face my fears gave me an unfair advantage over someone else that has to go it alone. My advice to anyone trying to face the fear of public speaking or any other fears is to remember that many more people before you had those same fears. If they can overcome those fears to become a great success, you can also. You must also remember that you really don’t have to face your fears yourself. If you take the time to feed your mind with positive thoughts, you will be able to conquer any challenges that life can offer. Marc Marseille is ambitious thriving entrepreneur who believes that wealth and happiness is created by helping others succeed. For more about overcoming adversity you can visit The Eby Challenge.

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