Public Speaking – Deliver Your Speech the Right Way

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In public speaking there are 4 possible ways of delivering your speech:

1. Write it out and read it word for word

2. Write it out, memorize it, and then deliver it

3.  Present an impromptu speech

4. Write an outline and memorize the ideas.

Very technical papers, elaborate theses and papers of state require profound study and should be read for accuracy. You should not read any other speech.  Writing it out is ok  but reading it isn’t. Your audience wants you to speak to them – with your head bowed you lose most of your personality appeal – they can’t see your face and your eyes.

A completely memorized speech has the advantage that you can use phrases you would not normally use but it is likely it will sound stilted and stiff. It will lack any spontaniety.

Avoid impromptu speeches if you can – i.e. if you have time to prepare, make sure you do. If you suspect that you will be asked to say a few word, it is good have some quips to hand. If the subject is something you know nothing about, it is best to tell the audience you are completely unfamiliar about the subject and that it would be best if you sat down before your ignorance show. Then do exactly that!

See my next post for detils on the 4th method of delivery.

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