Doing Something About Public Speaking Anxiety

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Let us face the fact—it is impossible for anyone first entering the field of public speaking not to make some mistakes due to nervousness. Bernard Shaw once said, I became a good speaker as other men become good skaters— by making a fool of myself until I got used to it.
There isn’t any need to go as far as that, because there is a main cause for public speaking anxiety, which can be cured. Before going into this, however, here are some of the ways in which a speaker can do something about his jitters.
(a) Use notes correctly. This will be dealt with fully later, but let me say now that the in correct use of notes adds to tension.
(b) When nervous, look at a member of the audience and speak to him as if you were having a conversation with him.
(c) If you forget a part of your speech and you  haven’t any notes, recapitulate. Generally, the forgotten passage will come to your mind
 when you do this.
Do Keep this In  Mind
Every speaker feels nervous before a speech. We call it nervous excitement and this can actually help the speaker. It is only when public speaking anxiety causes dryness of the mouth, which makes speaking so difficult that it results in a person mumbling and stuttering, that it must be dealt with. I am mentioning this because, even when you are rid you of your nerves, you will still feel that excited feeling before a speech.

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