Fear Of Public Speaking And Presentation Panic

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I have just come across a couple of posts on the web that I think you will like to do with (i) public speaking fear and (ii) what to do when your presentation goes wrong.

The first is from Nick Morgan.

In Nick’s recent post he discusses public speaking fear , anxiety etc. In it he talks about the reasons that a persons fear of public speaking may have developed. But, more importantly he moves on to talk about what can be done to beat these nerves.

He identifies 3 basic categories you can work on;-

First, you can work on the speech itself

Second, you can work on your physical symptoms

Finally, you can work on your mind

You can find the details here:-


The next is by Thomas Walligum.

In Steve Jobs recent presentation to launch the next version of the iphone he ran into trouble with his presentation. Steve is recognized as one of the best presenters. By observing what he does we can all learn something that we can use in our nest presentation.

In this article Thomas outlines the situation and gives us the “takeaways” that we can use when the unexpected happens with  in our presentation. The article starts as follows:

Trouble can sneak up on the best presenters—just ask Steve Jobs about his Wi-Fi connection at Monday’s iPhone 4 announcement. But you can use strategies to mitigate PPT meltdowns and awkward silences, says presentation expert and The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs author Carmine Gallo. Here are his expert tips. Read the rest by clicking here:


Let me know what you think of these posts and if you have any of your own tips.

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