Public Speaking – Get in the Pool

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Public speaking, more than any other human activity is learned by doing and improved by practice.  Taking every opportunity to speak in public will far outweigh any instruction in developing the skills and confidence. The way to develop self-confidence in public speaking is simply by speaking in public plus careful preparation.

Any person can become successful in public speaking by being natural, practicing and following certain rules. By working at it a speaker will become better. A little courage is needed to get started and ensure the talents are not lost to the world. The forest would lack music if only the birds that sang were those that were the best.


For a novice swimmer, the first swimming lesson requires summoning enough confidence to “give it a go.” There is many thousands of word written, about swimming or diving techniques. These mean nothing to the novice until the swimmer discovers that it is not the water they fear but themselves and he takes the plunge. The novice speaker is in the same situation, they will lack confidence until they realise that it is not the audience they fear but themselves.   

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