Great Public Speaking Skills – The Charisma Techniques

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It’s not surprising that if you’ve ever attended a presentation held by a brilliant presenter to feel a kind of charm and magnetism in the conference room. This is not magic at all, but a set of techniques used by the presenter to impact his audience. These skills are not hidden or whatsoever, but rarely used by people. The reason why I’m writing this is to share some of these skills and how you can use them to a maximum impact.

-The first thing to focus on is your entrance. This is the most important stage within your presentation and the most remembered one as you give them a first impression about you, so it should be very strong and impressive one.

-Your stance is the second most important one. Stand tall with a straight back; keep your shoulders level and relaxed.

-Keeping an eye contact with the audience can certainly create a great rapport between you and them, so make sure to give them a strong and impressive eye contact so that they feel that you are talking to them personally, and this reinforces your messages to be easily understood and believed.

-The speed also plays a vital role. Make it easy for them to follow what you say by making your voice and pitch go in a consistent manner with the arguments that you convey. Let your voice flow smoothly to support your speech.

-Don’t make it escape your notice the importance of appearing very comfortable and relaxed by taking as much space as you can. Show them that you are not afraid to stand up there and speak. Don’t keep your arms close by your sides.Instead, make the gesture wide, upward and outward.Such appearance will give you much credibility.

You need to keep your enthusiasm and energy high throughout the presentation. Don’t be hasty to start or to finish, rather, take your entire time. If you stick to the above advices, be sure that you are having the charisma formula. Do it in your next presentation and enjoy your applause. SIMON GARMAH is an executive Communications Consultant and Coach. He is president of Lifestyles Communications, Inc. which helps individuals communicate in the new global and virtual world. His fear public speaking blog.So take the first step toward conquering your fear of public speaking

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