Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Better Public Speaker?

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It takes a certain personality to identify a need and correct it. If you’ve landed on this page then you have that personality and you are one giant step closer to becoming a better public speaker.

I know what you’re saying…”All I did was search the internet and find your site. How does that translate into improvement?”

Simple. You’ve taken the first step and fed your curiosity. You’re using your fingers to find good information instead of twisting them together in your lap.

What steps do you need to take to get better? I’m so glad you asked.

Study the Craft

The top performers are the most knowledgeable. Consistently feeding your brain will keep you sharp and ready for action.

Look at the NFL. The best quarterback of our day is Peyton Manning. He’s obsessed with studying film. He’s studying film before everyone else arrives. He’s studying film when everyone else leaves. That hard work has opened the door for him to set a single season record for passing touchdowns (49), win Super Bowl XLII, and be an unstoppable force on the field.

Look at the investing field. Warren Buffett studies companies and their leaders. He doesn’t casually read about them or ask other people how they feel about it. Warren Buffett himself studies the company. He won’t invest until he is completely satisfied. When he’s comfortable with his evaluation he takes the plunge. So far its worked out to the tune of $62 billion.

By coming to this site you’ve placed yourself in elite company. Pat yourself on the back.

Use the Information You Find

There’s nothing worse than wasting good information. When you read an article of mine feel free to use the information. You have better things to do than sit around reading articles you won’t use. It’s fine to scribble furiously in your notepad. Feel free to put circles, large arrows, and things to remember in your tablet of paper. Highlight the good stuff in BOLD ITALIC all you want. Toss it up on a white board in bright red if that helps.

Absorb the information and use it. All that scribbling, circling, arrow drawing, and BOLD ITALIC means nothing if you never apply what you’ve learned.

By now you’ve heard the phrase “Practice makes perfect”. It’s contrived, it’s cliche, and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it. Think about this for one second. Anything that happens to be contrived, cliche, and stated to the point where you hear it every single day has a strong possibility of being true.

The only way to truly measure yourself is to test what you’ve learned. When you test yourself you experience all the emotions of live action. You feel those hairs stand at attention on the back of your neck. Your knees turn into jell-o. Your mouth turns into a desert. Your heart beats through your chest.

You experience it all and yet you live to fight another day. That’s when you really start to get better.


It’s easy to get better in public speaking. Use the 2 tips I’ve outlined here and you’ll be light years ahead of the general populace:

1. Study the Craft

2. Apply the information

Until we meet again.

About the Author

Marcus Smith is a creative force in the public speaking world who strives to meet the needs of each and every client. His experience as the Toastmasters President at a fortune 15 company will prove invaluable to you.

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