How Public Speaking Can Boost Your Character

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eing confident speaking in public, whether in front of a few close friends and colleagues, at a formal assessment, or giving a formal presentation, can greatly influence your everyday life. Your career, relationships, and much more often depend on your ability to speak confidently and deliver your message clearly.

Here are the top seven ways you can use your public speaking skills to boost tour personal life and your career.

1. Communicate with others clearly and concisely. Many mistakes or misinterpretations are the result of failing to communicate your ideas properly. Good public speaking skills help you articulate your ideas well and make them come alive for the listener. This was one of the most critical skills an engineer or scientist needs to develop as they often have to speak to audiences that don’t know the first thing about their area of expertise. If they are ineffective in conveying why the investors should invest more money to fund the next project they might well be out of a job.

2. Build overall confidence. As you become better at organizing and communicating your ideas more effectively you will start to exhibit more confidence. People with this ability have a “glow” of confidence about them when they speak in public. Unlike the red glow of terror on the face of the man who is scared to death.

3. Increase your comfort level in social situations. How many of you have ever been afraid to strike up a conversation ata party? (Don’t be shy most of the other guests are just as nervous.) Any social situation is, in fact, the perfect opportunity for you to practice your public speaking skills. Here’s a great bonus: It is a well known fact that people who speak well are perceived as more attractive. Practice a little and it won’t just be your cute smile that makes you popular with the girls.

4. Establish trust and respect from others with greater ease. Your success in dealing with clients, or even your own family. depends a great deal on your speaking skills. The ability to convince people with words is the key to establishing trust and respect. This includes not only what you say, but also the way you say it.

5. Speak more confidently on the telephone. Whether requesting information, making a cold call at work, talking to a client, or just leaving a phone message, others can judge your confidence level in the tone of your voice. Did you know that nearly 90 percent of your telephone message is communicated through the tone of your voice?

6. Run meetings or present new ideas more effectively. Having the ability to conduct a Scout meeting or coach junior soccerwith eight to twelve screaming, energetic boys definitely challenges your public speaking skills. Organizing and running a meeting with adults is probably more difficult because you can’t bribe them with candy.

7. Become an effective member or volunteer. At some point in your life you may volunteer or even be gently coerced into leading or joining a professional or social organization. Your success within the organization will depend significantly on your ability to speak to the group and keep their attention engaged in order to achieve your common goals and objectives.

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