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Experiencing the jitters about public speaking (or any important occasion) is perfectly normal. We all want to do our best.  Effective speakers have learnt to use the nerves to spur them on to be their best and speak with confidence.
In my first post in the series on How to Speak With Confidence I went through the actions to take before your speak to build self-confidence through the choice of topic, careful preparation and thorough practice.
In this section I am going to run through the actions that you can take on stage to act confident and convey that confidence to the audience.
When it is your time to speak, walk with purpose to the spot where you are to talk from.  Stand up straight and tall, with your feet slightly apart. Distribute you weight evenly on both feet. Your hands should hang at your sides in a natural fashion when you are not using them.  Look out at your audience, smile, pause for a few seconds before you begin. While you pause briefly take a few deep breaths to relax and calm any nerves.
Maintain eye contact with your audience. Each section of the audience should get about the same amount of attention. I know this is difficult, because of what you might see. Force yourself to look at them and you will discover that there was no reason not to.
Your movement and gestures should be made with purpose and be natural. Use both movement and gestures to support and emphasize the point you are making.  Up and out is the best way to think about gestures. They need to be seen by all the audience. Avoid any distracting gestures such as fidgeting or scratching. Let your gestures and movement be a natural expression of you and what you are talking about.
Your appearance should be neat and tidy and appropriate for the occasion. As a general rule do not wear any eccentric apparel. It is your ideas you have come to convey and you do not want your dress to distract from this.
Your facial expression should be relaxed and a natural expression of your personality. If you are sufficiently relaxed your face will naturally reflect your meaning and emotions without any conscious trying.
Confidence is best conveyed by being purposeful and natural while avoiding bad habits such as fidgeting, slouching etc. By using your body in a confident way it will help you to speak with confidence, i.e. to be confident, act confident.
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