How To Speak With Confidence In Public Speaking – Part 1

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The fear of public speaking (nerves, jitters etc) is experienced by many of us. To speak with confidence does not come naturally to us especially when starting out (either in public speaking or present). Importantly it is not a fear we are born with. It has been learnt by us . It is therefore possible for all of us to overcome it. (It is more difficult for some than others, but it is possible).

For the majority, there are certain actions that can be taken prior to speaking that help to build confidence.

If you have the choice, speak on a topic you are interested in and have a good level of knowledge in. It is easier to speak about a topic the better you know it. You will have spoken about it in day to day conversation and you are merely extending that conversation.

Prepare the speech in detail. Write it out word for word, this will enable you to work through the speech and make sure your ideas are fully formed. Do some more research to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Knowledge is power and more you know on your subject the more confident you will feel.

Confidence also comes from practice. Practice your speech as you can in the manner that you will be delivering it – memorized word for word, reading it aloud, or from notes etc. Practice in front of your friends so they can give you pointers. And if possible practice the speech in the room that you will deliver it. When you come to deliver it for real you will be in familiar surroundings.

The choice of topic, careful preparation and thorough practice will greatly assist you in being able to speak with confidence. In my next post I will discuss tips on platform performance that will convey to the audience that you are a confident public speaker and help settle the “nerves.”

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  1. Here’s how one person dealt with his fear of public speaking.

    In my recently published Christmas novel, the main character, Ian, has to undergo some management training. However, he almost backs out when he discovers that public speaking is part of the deal!

    He sticks with it, though and soon learns an interesting technique from one of his internet searches. It’s all about how to mingle and network with people before an event. He tries some of the tips by helping his new friend, Elise, with some administrative functions prior to the speech class. It gives him an opportunity to chat with some of the other class members. He discovers that they have the same fears he does. It makes him feel a lot better. And, in the process of going around the room, he feels like a host. It’s a real confidence builder!

    All the best!
    Eric Dana Hansen, Author of “IAN, CEO, North Pole”

  2. admin says:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the comment. It is a great idea. Speaking to people you know is easier than strangers. Ian is fortunate to have such a wise friend.

    I hope the book goes well.

    Best wishes,


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