How To Speak With Confidence

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speak with confidence to any size audienceBeing able to speak with confidence in public speaking is a challenge for a great number of people. But it doesn’t have to be you. Many of today’s confident speakers did not have the ability to speak with confidence when they started out. They have gone from nervous speakers to where they can now deliver a speech confidently and fluently.

Why Speak With Confidence

Having the ability to speak with confidence has a number of benefits for the individual. Some of the benefits are; performing better at job interviews, getting noticed by your boss, getting promoted, demonstrating leadership qualities, better team meetings, winning more business, being able to influence others.

Speak With Confidence Techniques

It is quite normal to have nerves before you start to speak, it shows you care about what you are about to present.  This is normally at its worst just before you start to speak. Take a few deep breaths to relax yourself. Smile a genuine smile as this not only makes you feel better but conveys confidence to your audience.  Look out your audience and you will find they are not too bad. Don’t focus on your nerves but on what you are to present.

The following two ideas will give you logical reasons to speak with confidence.

Being thoroughly prepared for your speech helps you to build your confidence.  This involves knowing your audience, planning what you are going to say, how you are going to say it, researching your topic and knowing what your purpose for delivering the speech is.

An Important Speak With Confidence Idea

The activity that does the most to develop the ability to speak with confidence is practice.  It is by practicing and doing that builds your confidence. There are two types of practice that will help.

The first is to use every opportunity to speak up. Start small, a couple of minutes are all you need and if possible do this in situations where you are comfortable, such as with people you know. As your confidence grows start speaking for longer and to larger groups.

The second type of practice that helps to speak with confidence is to practice your speech before you have to deliver it. Practice in front of a mirror, in front of friends until you are comfortable in delivering your speech.

Nervousness and fear of public speaking will not be overcome overnight but with more speeches given you will quickly develop the ability to speak with confidence.  Anyone can develop the skill to speak with confidence and in time become an exceptional presenter.

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