Importance of Public Speaking

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Effective speaking is such unbeatable value. If you have a dollar and I have a dollar and we exchange dollars we both end up with only one dollar each. If we both exchange an idea we each end up with two ideas each.

Public speaking can not be valued in dollars and cents for it accumulates intangible assets. Businesses are developed and professions advanced. A person who can express his ideas clearly will acquire more prestige than five years hard grinding work. Public speaking is a public relations goldmine.

The person who receives the most favourable reknown and most respect is the person who delivers a few well chosen words on the subject being discussed.   This is true in conversation as well as public speaking

More people have talked themselves to prominence than all the other fields of endeavour combined.  The succesful business person realises this and joins in.

 The most important concept of public speaking  is that it is about the sincere conveying of ideas rather than polished performance and is therefore in the grasp of anyone who takes the time to apply themselves to the art.

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