Is Public Speaking Anxiety Good For You

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Some public speaking anxiety is good for you. But too much can be detrimental to your performance as it can physically affect you and cause your mind to go blank .

But having no presentation nerves can also be bad for your effectiveness as a speaker as follows:-

Some people seem to have an erroneous idea about controlling stage fright. For instance, one said, “When I’m up there speaking I wish I could feel just like a block of wood.”
What kind of speech could a block of wood make? Would that person prefer being a dead mule to being a race horse eager at the bit?
Actually, to speak well, we must always feel a challenge when we face an audience. We keep all our nervous energy, but we channel it to work positively rather than in a confused, dis¬tressing way.

The objective of controlling public speaking anxiety is to get to the stage where it helps you to be a more effective speaker. This is the situation most speakers with the ability of confident public speaking are in. They are not without nerves but use them as an incentive to do their best. The anxiety is described as excitement or anticipation.

The ability to speak with confidence when public speaking or when giving a presentation is about using the nerves in a positive way – to increase your energy levels and focus. In this way you are a much more effective speaker and presenter. Don’t try to be void of any feelings because no one wants to listen to someone presenting in a robotic fashion.

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