Learning Public Speaking Attitude From Jimmie Durante And Emerson

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Jimmie Durante and Emerson had things to say about your attitude to others. With this attitude you will be more powerful and persuasive in your public speaking.

Good-natured Jimmie Durante, who considers everybody to be his friend, says, “Hatred hurts the person who hates far more than the one who is hated.” Hatred isĀ  an emotional illness that sours and warps a speaking character. But sincere love and respect for everyone is the most powerful personal power in the world.
A speaker may have this positive perspective toward everyone when he emphasizes in his thoughts the worth of each person, when he refuses to minimize the worth of any human being. “Every person I meet is in some way my superior,” said Emerson. This kind of perspective did not cause this great speaker and writer to be timid or self-conscious. It simply helped him to like everybody in the world.
A persuasive presenter feels that everybody in his audience warrants his best possible efforts. Rather than think, “People are suckers. I’ll let them have as little as possible,” he feels, “In my audience today are the most significant, most worthy people on the planet. They are giving me a portion of their lives and in exchange are worthy of the absolute best of all things I have got to offer.”
Obviously when a person genuinely likes individuals his friendliness will become apparent in a variety of ways. The tone of his voice, his eyes, facial expression, and body language will uncover his friendliness. This should never be checked or knowingly withheld. A speaker should let his honest, feelings show by freely feeling “for all to see and hear.”
An error some presenters make is to draw a friendship circle and consider just those people that fall within the circle to be friends. Essentially the most influential convincing presenter believes that everyone is his friend. He approaches each and every audience with a positive mental attitude that all the audience members will believe him and respond favorably because they really .desire to.
Compare this perspective with a negative mental approach such as, “I know you dont want to trust me. Your minds are set. You are contrary. But what l am going to say is valid. You’ll have to trust me irrespective of whether you want to or not.” This kind of frame of mind of course has a tendency to put audience members on guard, causing them to construct an invisible wall in between them selves and the presenter. And they might say mentally, “Wait a minute, old boy, we don’t have to believe a single thing, least of all what you’re saying.”

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