Master These Public Speaking Skills To Succeed

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These are two of the most critical techniques to learn when speaking in public. Relaxation and Confidence can make all the difference in a good speech to a great speech.

Follow these tips to improve your public speaking skills:


You can use all the tips and techniques outlined in any speech guide and still make a lousy speech if you don’t relax. All speech books TELL you to relax. But will you really relax? The true test of whether you can advance in your public speaking abilities is the level of relaxation you can induce before, during and after a public speaking event. Ask yourself, “How can I relax? Will I relax?”

You will, you have to if you want to succeed. So what do you relax about, and how? First, you have to dispel any notion you have about the importance of your speech. In truth, during the course of your life, speakers will deliver more than one billion speeches.

It is very unlikely your speech will have such a great impact that it will change the world forever. And, if your speech did have that kind of impact, chances are you already know how to relax.

Now, various books will offer you suggestions about how to relax. They may say, “Pretend the audience is naked.” I don’t know about you, but that is likely to make me MORE nervous. You may find you are now too distracted to relax. What if your mother were in the audience? So how DO you relax?

Forget about your speech. Do your homework, practice and then tuck it away. People who relax do what they have to do to prepare a speech, and then forget about it until the time comes to speak. You should do the same.

Do something fun. Go for a bike ride. Sing a goofy song. Jump on a trampoline. Think of what you plan to do AFTER your speech. In fact, you should plan something extravagant and rewarding, something you will look forward to following your grand delivery.

And remember, in the grand scheme of things, your speech will not likely shatter the earth. Some people find simply speaking out, saying, “Boy am I nervous,” helps them relax. If you do that, write it down, say it out loud, then say, “I am glad I got that over with. I feel great now.”

Good chance you WILL feel better. Don’t focus on what will go wrong, focus on what you know will go right, and what you plan to have for dinner later that night. In the end your speech making ability will improve tenfold.

Feel Confident…

Do you smell that? It smells funky. What is it? You can’t quite place it, but you know that smell. It is familiar, you’ve smelt it before. What is it? Oh yes, it is fear… You can smell fear a mile away. If you walk up to the center stage and lack confidence, before you utter a single word your entire audience will feel your fear.

This will resonate throughout the auditorium like a clap of thunder. What happens next is like a chain reaction. Your audience begins to squirm. They feel uncomfortable. They worry about what you plan to say. They fidget even more. This may cause you to fidget. All of this will detract from the moment at hand, and likely impact your speech in a negative way.

What do you do about it? Pretend you are confident. Strut your stuff, put a little hop in your walk, and a little kick in your stance. Make sure when you approach your audience, you stand up tall and SMILE. The very act of smiling will undoubtedly cause a chain reaction in your audience.

As you smile, others will soon follow. This will fill the room with positive energy, energy you can absorb, energy that will allow you to feel more powerful and more confident.

You also have to remember that YOU are the one delivering the speech. So, no matter what you talk about, you are in charge. You are the expert. You have the power. People are looking to you for information or advice, or possibly just a good joke. Live in the moment.

As long as you have the power, you should feel confident. Remember that. And when in doubt, fake it. It always works.

Bradney Davis is a entrepreneur and frequent public speaker. Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills Even Further


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