One Way To Beat Public Speaking Fear

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Public speaking fear can stop even the biggest and strongest in their tracks. But fear not it can be beaten.

Talking enthusiastically upon a subject which a person knows well and is deeply interested in sharing will help overcome public speaking fear.

For example, at a large university a physical education major, built like an All-American fullback, enrolled in a speech course. One wouldn’t think a big he-man like him would, tremble in his socks when he stood before a speech class. But he did.
His face took turns being pink and white as he grasped his notes in trembling vice-like fingers, and stumbled through a speech which he didn’t really want to deliver in the first place.
Wanting to help him control that demon, fear, his teacher suggested that next time, instead of talking from notes he talk on some subject which he knew by “heart.” Not a memorized talk, but one which would bubble right out of his nature.
Would he talk about something he really knew, and knew he knew?
He could, and did.  Next  time he talked about tumbling. . And could he tumble? All over the place, and talking all the while.
Now there were no trembling hands, no shaking in his socks, no dry bones rattling or thick tongue because the speaker was too busy communicating vital ideas to be afraid. What a victory over fear!

I have some more tips on beating public speaking fear to follow. If you want to you can overcome public speaking fear and use the power of confident speaking to move your career, business etc forward.

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