Open Your Speech In An Effective Way

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People consider openings to be important for special occasions and events. They will think about them for weeks to get the right words, e.g. when the young man is going to propose or when the employee is going to their boss to ask for a raise.
In the same way a good opening is important in public speaking. Many public speakers are aware of this but will use the same standard opening to every speech. An effective speaker will use a variety of openings depending on the type of speech they are giving.
There are a variety of openings that can be used but here are a few to be avoided;
1.    Thanking too many people
Too many speakers bring in too many names when beginning their speech. It is unnecessary. The fewer names used the better.
2.    Apologizing for speaking
Make it a rule to never apologize about your speech. It starts the speech off on a negative note.
3.    A long introduction
Keep the introduction brief. Too long and the audience will wonder if the speech is ever going to start.
When starting your speech begin in a low key manner. Many speeches that start with a bang then fizzle out as the momentum can’t be kept up. It is much better to start off in a low key manner and build up the momentum through the speech.
There are many different ways that a speech can get started. It doesn’t matter which opening is used as long as it is relevant to the speech, it doesn’t take too long and it starts the speech on a positive note.
My next post will include some ways that effective speakers have used to opening speech the right way.

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