Public Speaking – Preparing Your Introduction

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Public speaking can be considered as conversation with more than an audience of one. The only other difference is that there is less interaction with the listeners.

On the basis that public speaking is common conversation then the speech is the thing – not the speaker.  In the same way the play is the thing not the players (Thanks William Shakespeare)

Over the next few days I will write a series of blogs on speech writing. First up:-

Selecting A Topic.

How do you select a subject for you speech?

The determining factors will be;-

What are you familar with? What do you know from experience?

Can you speak confidently on the subject?

Is the subject relevant? Timely?

Can you make the subject interesting to your audience? Not just for yourself. The speech should fit the group that is being presented to.

Keep your audience in mind.

Once you have spent an appropriate amount of time selecting your topic get on with the preparation of the speech. Do not procrastinate over it.

The topic you select will determine how you present it.

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