Public Speaking and Private Conversation

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Successful public speaking today is like private conversation with more people present. The objective is to successfully convey your ideas to your listeners. The ideas and message being conveyed are of the important thing,  it is no longer a fine art to be struggled with and mastered by only a few talented individuals.

Picture the situation where 2 people are in conversation and one person is talking and the other is listening. Other people are attracted to the conversation and the person talking is now speaking to a group, in effect the person is now effectively speaking in public.The speaker will raise their voice so they can be heard but will continue in a conversational tone which is the most effective way to present.

With public speaking really being private conversation with more people involved it is now “easier” for the ordinary person to become an effective speaker. The only real difference between the two is that there is less interaction with the listeners in public speaking than in private conversation.

In the book The Art Of Great Conversation there is a great quote that indicates how related public speaking and private conversation. The quote is “The same instincts that make men turn and listen to the articulate individual in private conversation, make them turn and listen to public speakers.”  An implication of this is that by improving skills in public speaking it improves performance in day to day conversation and other speaking interactions.

Also the skills and knowledge attained through public speaking can be practiced in private conversation and vice versa. For example if you are to present on guinea pig care, you could discuss guinea pig care in day to day conversation. In this way when you are delivering your speech you are merely extending your conversation on the topic. Secondly, you could try out some of the anecdotes or stories you have so you get used to telling them and you also can gauge reaction to them. Thirdly, if you have been working on the sound of your voice you can use day to day conversation to listen to your voice to note improvement and any areas that may need some more work.

Public speaking and private conversation are closely related and by developing your skills in one area it is possible to quickly apply them to the other and experience improvement.

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