Public Speaking And Your Career

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Being able to speak well in conversation and public speaking are  top reasons for advancement in a career.  Being skillful in speaking gives your career a big boost to getting to the top of your field.

Consider many of the people at the top of their field and their speaking skills have helped them enormously – such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey. Here is a post that shows how Warren Buffet used public speaking to further his career: Warren Buffet And Public Speaking

Public speakers are looked upon as leaders. The people who lead a field  are men who speak with confidence and fluency. More people have talked themselves into leadership than any other skills combined. Recently, the speaking talents of a young Senator from Illinois elevated him to the top job in the world today.

But many people fear speaking up and so this hinder their advancement in their careers or even stalls it. Being able to speak well and persuasively is not the only skill needed for promotion but without it you can be overlooked for the raise or job you deserve or being ignored by your boss.

Many people have been able to go from being poor speakers to being effective communicators to groups of any size. They have managed to overcome their fears of public speaking or speaking up in other situations. Others have managed to overcome stammers, e.g. Dan Kennedy, King George VI, Demosthenes, to be effective in public speaking.

To find out more about being effective in public speaking and conversation to help you advance your career and more, check out The Art Of Great Conversation

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