Public Speaking Anxiety – 3 Causes And How To Beat Them

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Here are 3 sources of public speaking anxiety and how to beat them;

A cause of public speaking anxiety is the feeling that a speech may be criticized either secretly or openly by a listener or a speech coach. A helpful coach offers no adverse criticism until a student speaker has gained enough self-confidence to control his fear.
The speaker’s attitude should be, “I’m giving them my best. I hope that’s good enough. At this point I couldn’t do better. And if someone is unhappy with my speech, so what? Without worrying a second about any speech I’ve already delivered I’m going to put all my energy into the next speech.”
Tenseness may come when a speaker starts thinking about re¬sults, or when he mentally compares himself unfavorably with other speakers. But this condition can be avoided when the speak¬er mentally plays down the importance of his speech. Who is going to remember it a hundred years later anyway? Nobody remem¬bers the score long. Ask a dozen people to tell you the exact score of a last year’s basketball game. How many could do it?
Then too, a speaker may become afraid when he thinks he could twist his tongue or mispronounce a word — when all those brilliant people are out there listening, maybe hoping he’ll fum¬ble. If a speaker could learn to grin at an audience and go right on speaking when he makes a mistake, people would forget the mistake and remember the grin. A mistake always looks much bigger in the mind of the person who made it than in anyone else’s thinking because he is so near it. Other people are so busy thinking about themselves (and their own mistakes) they won’t remember someone else’s error long.

Public speaking anxiety is very common. Although doing well when presenting and speaking to groups, too often it is blown up out of proportion by thinking about what could go wrong. Try to keep your thinking in control and the feeling of public speaking anxiety will subside to a more manageable level.

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