Public Speaking Anxiety Tests And Solutions

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Many studies suggest that for many people fear of public speaking is even worse than the fear death and dying. If you are someone who has to speak in public a lot, give sermons or any other form of public speaking, it might be wise to make a test for anxiety.

As amazing as that sounds, it means that most people at a funeral would rather be the person in the coffin than the one giving the eulogy! Although this might not be true, the truth is that public speaking is a test for anxiety that most people would gladly not face.

There are several tips and tricks that one can use to get over this dreadful fear. Most common used is the old “picture everyone in their underwear”, but while that trick may get few chuckles, there are quite a few more practical steps one can take when you need to speak in public, the test for anxiety that can be so very difficult for most of us.

Why Picture Them in Their Underwear?

We wouldn’t encourage any speaker to picture anyone in their underwear; that is just a good way to get sued – or to get sick, depending on the looks of your audience! However, the whole reason that this became a practice for public speaking, and a test for anxiety, is because this was meant to remind the speaker that his or her audience is made up of human beings, just like him or her.

The first step is to put your mind at rest as they are not there to hurt you or make fun of you as most probably they are nervous, anxious and afraid of speaking like most of us. In addition to that we all have our own little things we are terrified of as well so you can relax and realize we are all the same.

Another important tip when talking about public speaking, to test for anxiety, is to picture the faces of everyone in the crowd individually, and make yourself feel as if you are talking to that person one-on-one. Forget the crowd, which is only going to make you nervous.

Instead, really put yourself in that singular conversation with that one person. Speak to him or her directly during your discourse or sermon. You see how your anxiety lessens when you are having a face-to-face conversation with someone rather than thinking of the large number in the crowd.

The Actual Public Speaking Test for Anxiety

Many times people feel that the way they feel during the speech or sermon is out of their control and if they get anxious and nervous, that’s it. They will feel anxious and nervous.

To address your anxiety better, it’s very important to make a test for yourself before it’s time to make a speech. This is the real public speaking test and it comes before your speech.

To start picture yourself giving a speech, lecture or a sermon. Do you feel your heart racing and getting your palms sweaty? This test can be an excellent way to get to know your real mental and physical symptoms as you give a speech in a real live situation.

Are you afraid, and if so, of what? Of not knowing the answer to a question that’s asked of you, or of losing your place during your speech? Are you afraid of embarrassing yourself, of fainting or dying or throwing up?

Are these fears something you didn’t even have before we mentioned them? This can be a strong clue that you should take a public speaking test for anxiety before your lecture or speech. It’s surprising how strong the power of suggestion is; if you start to thing that you are or feel sick, you will be and if losing your place worries you it might happen.

However, you can use this to your advantage as well. If you tell yourself that you are going to be a strong, successful, forthright, dynamic speaker, then you will be. If you tell yourself that your colleagues or congregation or whomever your audience is will respect you and respond to you, then they more likely will.

To address your fears and reactions honestly and effectively you need to be honest with yourself so that you’ll know what your initial reactions and fears are.

Public Speaking Test for Anxiety – Preparation Is Important

As you are doing this public speaking test for anxiety it can give you a glue how important preparation can be. As you practise more and more and your material will become familiar you’ll notice that you are much less likely to have any problems with it.

Once you are truly prepared things like losing a place in your notes is easily overcome and you are much better able to answer any questions your listeners might have.

You should be very honest with yourself as you are taking this public speaking test for anxiety as that will point out your weaknesses so you’ll know where to improve. Use that information to your advantage and prepare well for your presentation!

After Making The Public Speaking Test – Put Things in Perspective

You still might have fears and doubts about your ability as a speaker, but that is only natural and very normal. We are all just human beings and we can only do so well with a lecture or a speech.

Someone might ask you a question and you don’t know an answer immediately. Disaster? No, just admit honestly that you are not sure and would like to research the subject and get back with them once you have more information. If something happens that might be embarrassing, just laugh it off and have fun! It’s not so serious!

There is no anxiety test for public speaking that is a cure for all, but after an honest evalution you are better prepared. Most importantly, public speaking is just a hard test for anxiety that you should feel proud of yourself to take on such a project and to get in front of an audience in the first place!

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