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In public speaking, enthusiasm is a very powerful characteristic. It is contagious and will make your speeches more effective.

Genuine enthusiam for your subject will lift a speaker from ordinary to extra-ordianary. The speaker does become highly persuasive and convincing.

When you find a cause or subject that you are passionate about and that inspires you, then you will have something to speak enthusiastically about.

Nobody will be enthusiatic about a speech or anything else if it means little to them or they are ashamed of it. But by finding a topic that is really beneficial to people or a cause you believe in you can become enthusiastic.

Some people are naturally enthusiastic. They are that way because of the habits they have acquired. These habits can be be developed. Some ways to develop them are:

1. Closely observe observe human behaviour and determining what make people the way they are. 

2. Choose a positve, optimistic atttude

3. Put your whole self – body, mind, heart and spirit into everything you do.

4. Choose not to let criticism to discourage or dampen your resolve

5. Choose an I-can attitide. Enthusiasm is killed by self-pity and thinking about giving up. 

6. Show an active interest in others at all time.

Frank Bettger who advised – Act enthusiastically and you’ll be enthusiastic. He used his own advice and went from failure to leading his field. He wrote the book How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling.  

Developing enthusiasm is a choice and takes some effort to acquire. It is worth it. Your speaking will be more effective. It will make it easier to  achieve your purpose.

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