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By knowing your subject thorughly you can be an in demand even if you are not a first rate speaker. However, the opposite is also true, you can be a first rate speaker, but if you do not know your stuff and only speak fine words your audience will find you out and will not want you back.

Public speaking today is about the ideas and information you convey to the audience. People are interested in what you have to say. Delivery has its part but more importantly it is “do you know what you are talking about?” that interests them.

The primary source of expertise will be your personal experience.  By being a keen observer of your life and events around you will have a large storehouse of experiences to draw on.  You will have spoken about these experiences before and you are merely expanding the conversation to a larger audience.  When examining your life ask the following questions:-

1. What in my life can be used as material in my speech?

2. How can your expereinces be used to benefit your audience?

3. What subject will you develop to demonstrate your experiences?

If you do not have all the necessary material in your life to be considered an expert, you can extend your knowledge by spending the time to study the subject and developing a deeper understanding.

By developing your expertise you increase your credibility with your audience. An audience is less sceptical when you know your subject thoroughly and can be considered an expert. Taking the time to prepare thoroughly will pay dividends for you.

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