Public Speaking Fear Exercises

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My final post is a list of exercises to try to help manage and beat public speaking fear.  The more you put into them the more you will get out of them. Don’t hold back to build your confidence and speak with confidence.

The Public Speaking Fear Drills

On your own, or with a couple of other people in front of an audience or group of friends do the following exercises,:
With an imaginary ax, chop wood although calling to the audience, “Timber, timber, timber!” Repeat.

While churning energetically with an old-fashioned churn,shout, “Watch the butter fly! Watch the butter fly Watch the .
butter fly!” Repeat, opening the eyes as wide as achievable whilst you talk

Pretend you are ship-wrecked at sea. Although you are fighting sharks with one
hand, wave to another ship and cry, “Ship ahoy! Ship ahoy! Ship ahoy!”

Wave to a friend a block away. He can’t hear you so start waving and loudly calling, “Hello, there”

With an imaginary swatter move all around the platform saying vigorously, “Swat that fly! Swat that fly!” Swat as you
exclaim, and keep the exercise up for a full half minute.

Imagine honey bees inside your hair. brush them out with your hands as you jump around crying, “Take ‘em away!” Keep this up for twenty seconds. Repeat should you still have the energy.

Deliver a two minute “I Am the Greatest!” speech. Brag about anything you please, but actually brag. In this drill see how obnoxious and egotistical it is possible to be.

Count to fifty with spirit. Again count to fifty , this time as an angry or a happy man would count.Exaggerate this.

Imitate a few of of the following characters (in speech and manner):
a. Loud-mouthed Charlie Bratton.
b. A baseball umpire proud of his position.
c. An angry basketball player.
d. An excited fan at a basketball game.
e. A talkative intoxicated man.
f. A giggling school-girl.
g. A gossiping old woman
h. A grumpy old man

Make a spirited talk for 45 seconds on this topic: Men are far better
drivers than , or, women are much better drivers than men.

Talk for a minute about some of the following terms:
razzle dazzle
white elephant
heebie jeebies

These drills can help anyone with public speaking fear that is not acute. When you have something more please see a qualified specialist.

Public Speaking Fear Summary

Public speaking fear is a common fear. Many of the confident speakers today have suffered from this fear. With some understanding, application of speech drill like the above or other simple techniques they have built their confidence up. If others have beaten their public speaking fear than you can to. Keep at it, trying different things, practicing and giving speeches and presentations you will beat your public speaking fear to be able to speak with confidence to any size audience

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