How to Choose a Public Speaking Topic

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There are many situations when you will not really have a choice of topic. Circumstances and situations can dictate it. But where there is no such dictate it can be difficult to choose. Outlined below are some considerations in choosing your public speaking topic.

1. Determine the subjects you know about.

Your choice is limited to the subjects you are familiar with. It is best to stick with what you know and are interested in . You can then speak with confidence on it. It is possible to choose topics you have no experience in but it will take time to gather the research. And it is more difficult to speak confidently on a topic you have no personal experience in. Can you speak with authority on the subject and will that come over in your delivery?

2. Consider your audience

The speech should fit with the type of audience you are going to speak to. A serious topic is probably not appropriate at a banquet where entertainment is what the audience will want.

Will the subject you have chosen interest the audience and will it be worthwhile to them to listen? This is the best test of your subject. Therefore get to know your audience – their age, interests, reasons for attending, who is organising etc?  

3. Choose as soon as you can.

Do not spend too much time in choosing your subject. Come up with your topic as quickly as you can so that you can swiftly move on to preparating and practicing your speech.    

In summary know your audience, choose a subject that interests them and you. Choose it as soon as you can and this will leave you time to get your speech thoroughly prepared and practiced.

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