Public Speaking – How to Introduce Other Speakers

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A great way to continue to build confidence in public speaking is to take on the role of introducing other public speakers. Many clubs and organisations rotate this role among their members.  

In this role you are reponsible for introducing the speaker to the audience and to create an environment where the audience is ready to listen.

As in when you are preparing for public speaking you want to plan your introduction and know your subject thorougly ie. get to know the speaker. The areas for you to acquaint yourself with are their subject, the nature of their expertise, their character, what others say about them.  If you don’t know them, introduce yourself to them and get to know them.

There is only one real rule about introductions is that the better known the speaker the shorter the introduction needs to be, for example the President of the United States is introduced with 9 words:-

“Ladies and Gentleman, the President of the United States”

A proven structure for an introduction for other than the above is;

1. Speakers name and last name. State it clearly and pronounce it correctly.

2. Their business or title. In some cases the stating of their business may be the only payment they are receiving.

3. A brief biography – keep it relevant.

4. The topic of their speech and possibly a brief overview of the content of the sppech.

5. Thank them and give their name again

It is best to keep the introduction simple and sincere. Don’t go over the top as this may give the speaker too much to live up to.

Take the time to prepare the introduction and keep it brief.  You are not their to give the speech (don’t try to steal the show) but to spur the speaker on and create the right atmosphere for the speaker.

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