Public Speaking – Know Your Subject

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 A thorough knowledge of your subject matter is required for effective public speaking. You may be a master of delivery, have top class command of the English language and pleasing vocal tones, but despite all of these fine attributes your speech may still be a flop if you are not fully up to speed about your subject.

A lack of knowledge of the subject has wrecked more public speakers’ aspirations than any other reason.

Listeners can quickly sense when your grasp of the subject is minimal or superficial. The speech will go over like a lead balloon. Conversely, a person that is considered an expert in their field and is thoroughly conversant in his subject may still be very much in demand despite not being considered a top class speaker.

Your primary source of material for your speech will be your lifetime experience at home, at work etc.  Be keenly alert, pay attention to details and be impressed by all you see and this will vastly swell your bank of knowledge and add more conversational material to your repertoire.

After that there is the internet, books, television, conversations. Make sure you have a variety of sources and opinions so that you do not become too lopsided. Note your experiences and observations down in a notebook. You will then have them to hand when you start pulling your speech together.

Speakers are readers and never stop learning so that they can deliver to their audiences a content rich speech.

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