Public Speaking – Organize Your Speech for More Impact

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A well organized speech will make it easier for your audience to follow your speech and understand what is being said. It will also make it easier for you to remember your speech because it will follow a logical sequence. You will know what is coming next.

There are 3 parts to organizing a speech ;-

1. Dividing the data and information into three parts the introduction, body of the speech, and the conclusion

2. To organize the main heading of the speech into a logical order

3. To organize the supporting data and information to support each of the main headings

The body of the speech should be planned first. It includes all the supporting information that supports the central idea and the purpose of the speech.

The introduction should be designed to get the audience’s attention and interest, put them at ease, and help them focus their attention on to the rest of the speech.

The conclusion of the speech may include a summary of the highlights of the speech and will include a call to action of some sort dependent on the purpose and intent of the speech or it might simply be an appeal for acceptance of the ideas presented. A speech given to raise funds for a charity will include an appeal requesting funds from the listeners.

A well organized speech in public speaking is important in getting your ideas and infomration across to your listeners. It takes more time and effort but a well thought our order will make it easier for your audience to follow. Over the next few posts I will outline the steps to organize a speech for maximum impact.

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