Public Speaking Preliminaries – Speech Writing

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When writing your speech, keep in mind the organisation and the type of audience you will be speaking to. There are many kinds of audiences that are in any community.

When you are a popular speaker you could address professional people or literary groups one day and the next day it could be a sports banquet, scout rally, or a sales convention.  The speech that is to be delivered and the way it is to be presented will need to be modified for the different audience.

Ask the following questions of yourself and/or the organisation:

Why did they invite me?
What do they want to hear from me?
What do I know of their organisation?
Which anecdotes will please them most?
Would a personal experience appeal to the audience?
Have they suggested a subject?
Do they have a particular interest in the topic?
Who is going to introduce you and what would work best as an impromptu remark to begin with?
If a return engagement – was there anything interesting that happened at the previous engagement?

Finally decide on whether your talk should serious or funny, light or heavy?

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