Public Speaking – Preliminaries

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Before you start your public speaking engagement there are certain things to consider before you start.

Concerning your speech

Before preparing your speech consider the audience your are to present to. There are many different types of organisations from boy scouts to professional organisations. The audience needs to be taken into account, both in subject matter and the manner in which the speech is to be presented. You need to decide whether the material should be heavy or light.

Find out as much as you can about the audience – their age, sex, reason for the event etc. Ask  “What do they expect from me?” Who is going to introduce me and what would be a good “ad lib” reply.

Concerning Publicity

As soon as possible before the event send your publicity material about you and your speech to the organizers. Good publicity pays dividends. It not only improves your popularity it will also increase your confidence.

Concerning speech writing

A speech should be the correct length to deliver your meesage but it should not be so long that the audience wished you had finished before you started! Remebmer the audience can only absorb what the seat can endure

Getting Going

Arrive early at the meeting. Meet up with organizers to establish the local customs, running order and any last minute changes you should be aware of. When starting out it is wise to keep your cocktails to water. Otherwise you may at the very least mix your metaphors.

Establish a cordial relationship with your audience as soon as possible and humorous story or joke will normally do this for you. By knowing something about your audience your story should fit the occasion.

By considering your audience and tailoring your speech appropriately you will be able to deliver a speech that your audience will enjoy and will consider worthwhile to them.

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