Public Speaking – Speakers Become Leaders

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Public speakers are looked upon as leaders. The people who run a  company are people who speak confidently and persuasively. They present to meetings, inverstors, customers, bankers, associations and other stakeholders. 

Great public speaking skills have propelled more people to prominence than all the other fields of endeavour combined. The speaking talents of John F Kennedy and Barack Obama certainly helped raise them to the most powerful position in the world.  Lee Iacocca said “You’ve got to know how to talk to them. Public speaking is the best way to motivate a large group. ”

Some people believe that effective public speaking and communication skills are not that important, but it is very common for the effective speaker to lead the group or organisation or country. The business person that demonstrates commonsense does not deny this but joins the ranks of public speaker. An individual can be carried far by the ability to speak well. Any group of people prefers to listen to person who has something to say and knows how to say it.

The same skills required by public speaking are the same ones required to give clear instructions on a job, to delegate to employees and for pleas in the home.

The ability to inform, persuade or convince people on an interesting topic is the elusive goal of many. It is withn the ability of us all to attain it. Some preparation and practice can add wit and sparkle to the speech of the shy or dry.  And public speaking today is more about effectively conveyng ideas and informaton than fine soundng words.

 By takng the time to prepare and practice it is possible for anyone to become effective in public speaking. And by using the skills learned they can become more effective in day to day conversations in business and socially.

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