Public Speaking – Speech Writing Tips

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Speech Writing Tip

You need to know the audience.

One of the key speech writing tips is you need to know who your audience is. To relate to your audience, you need to know as much about the people in the audience. You must gather an audience analysis or demographic information.

Find out about the age, gender and occupations of the audience. Their background knowledge of the subject and their attitude towards the subject you are going to talk about. Plus the the size of the audience.

The more information you have, the more you can target your speech to reflect an audience’s interests. And that will increase the likelihood of them listening to you attentively. In another word, you have an effective speech. By having an audience analysis, you can tailored your message precisely to their needs and interests.

How to prepare a speech.

After knowing specifically who your audience will be, now you can prepare your public speaking outline better.

Firstly write down the objective or the statement of purpose for your speech. Do you want to inform, to persuade, to entertain, to recommend or what? Then do your required research thoroughly so that your speech is accurate and extensive.

After this, make an initial outline by organizing all the main points together. The outline must have an introduction, body of speech and conclusion. Fill it up with the key points.

Put your ideas in order so that one leads logically to the next. Write down the connecting thoughts as soon as you have them. Make sure the audience can see the main points clearly. Here coherence is crucial.

Don’t write it all out in elaborate complete sentences. Just jolt down the basic thoughts and the angle you want to approach your presentation.

Now it is time to decide the opening or introduction and the conclusion of your speech. Always have a powerful opening to grab your audience’s attention right away. Put extra time and effort to write out the opening and the closing of the speech. These two parts are very important. They have to be impactful, precise and arresting. Preferably, you write them out in full sentences and rehearse them well.

The body of the speech must have enough content with supporting facts and figures. Check the flow of your points and make sure they do not digress from the objective of your speech.

These are the main tips on speech writing tips. It is not difficult as many envisage it to be. Personally I find it easy, enjoyable, and educational at the same time. Most of what makes an effective speech is done before you ever stand up in front of an audience and open your mouth. Remember an effective speech has to be engaging, clear, concise and it has to be tailored to the audience. But the first vital strategy in making the oral presentation is gathering information about the audience you are going to address, then only you can achieve the desired objective of your oral presentation.


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