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The third characteristic of an effective speaker is likeability. In public speaking as with day to day conversation people will respond to your message more favourably if they like you.

Your audience want to like you.  They will enjoy listening to you and will not be as skeptical about what you have to say. It is a hard characteristic to have and it can take time to develop it in public speaking.

The qualities that will help improve your likeability quotient are:-

1.  Be interested in your audience – Take an active and genuine interest in what they have   to say and show that you care about them. Developing your active listening skills will help immensely. The interest needs to genuine or people will find out and you will lose their goodwill.

2. Be positve, have an upbeat tone,  and smile. As in all works of life, your audience will enjoy listening to a message that is upbeat and accentuates the positive. It makes them feel better. A negative and dull delivery is a big turn off.  

Smile and look upwards and it will make you feel more upbeat and positive. Conversely looking downwards and frowning will dampen your mood. As a rule people like to smile and it is contagious. 

Another technique is to consciously choose your attitude. If you are going to ther you might as well as enjoy it.

3. Keep their point of view in mind when developing your speech. This will demonstrate that you care about them through your speech.

If you are not naturally that way it will take some effort to develop. It is worth persevering with because your speech will be better received, it will be easier to achieve your objective and your audience will want you back. 

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