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Public speaking today is about delivering a speech that is worthwhile to your audience in a clear and interesting way.  Being prepared to apply yourself and learn the skills  will make it  possible to become an effective speaker. The style of public speaking popular today is more like conversation rather than grammatically correct English and the use of flowery phrases of yesteryear.  This puts effective public speaking in the reach of more people as content is more impotant.

The development of the right characteristics and qualities will help in acquiring the skills of delivery and preparation needed to become a more effective speaker.

1. Confidence – Your audience will become doubtful if you are not confident in your delivery. Self confidence comes from preparing thoroughly and practicing until you are fully conversant with your speech.  The first part of the preparation is to know your audience. Getting to know your audience helps you in two ways:-

(a) It is normally easier to speak to people you know – like day to day conversation

(b) You will be able to choose a topic that not only interests you but more importantly the audience will find interesting

Many experienced speakers suffer from nerves before they go on to deliver their speech.  They use this as motivation to do their best and some call it anticipation. They will take a few deep breaths and concentrate on the important speech they are about to deliver.

The first step for anyone new to speaking in front of group of people is the most important. The step for the new speaker is to realise that it is not the crowd they fear but themselves, in the same way that a first time swimmer must realise it is not the water they fear but themselves. From this small bud of courage, if properly tendered, will flower the full bloom of confidence.

If you are not confident now, don’t worry there are many resources and organisations available to help you – on the internet and offline as well.

In my next blog post I will discuss further the characteristics needed to beome an effective speaker.

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