Public Speaking – Become an Effective Speaker – Persistence

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My previous post covered the first characteristic required for effective public speaking -confidence. The second quality to discuss is is persistence.

Public speaking more than any other human skill is learnt by doing. The more you speak in public the more self-confidence will be developed in public speaking. The more frequently that you speak in public the more quickly you will improve your public speaking. The speech you give does not need to be long. A short speech given frequently is more effective than a long speech delivered infrequently in developing your skills and confidence in public speaking.

Each time you speak set yourself a target of improving by 1%. You can set it higher if you like. By using 1% it means that after 72 speeches you will be twice the speaker you were when you began. Review each speech and ask yourself:-

What worked well?

What will I do better next time?

As with any worthwhile endeavour there will be setbacks on the road to mastering speaking with confidence. It is important to see these as learning opportunities – difficult as that maybe. Everyone has had them. Success, they say, lies on the other side of adversity.

When you were learning to swim you found a swimming pool to practice. In public speaking you need a meeting to practice your skills. Most companies and organisation have opportunities to speak in front of groups for their employees – in team or departmental meetings. These are great places to practice your new found public speaking skills. Also within most communities there are civic and service club forums, P.T.A. meetings, community gatherings etc, that will provide ample opportunity for you to be heard.

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