Public Speaking – The Importance of Speech Preparation

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Speech preparation plays an important part in effective delivery and being able to speak with confidence. Careful and thorough preparation leads naturally to self confidence. You will be more familiar with your subject and will be able talk as an expert in your topic.
Careful preparation invoices a number of actions to be fully prepared. One important aspect is the organization and outlining of your speech.  The recent posts to my blog cover various points to assist in this;
(1)    Organizing Your Speech – Overview of an organized speech and the benefits to the speaker and the audience.
(2)    Introduction – provide a useful template on how to structure an introduction to ensure that the speech gets started on the right foot.
(3)    Conclusion – the components to include in closing the speech to finish on a strong note.
(4)    Main body structure – how to organize a speech so that it is easy for the audience to understand and it is also easier for the speaker to remember their speech.
(5)    Working Outline – How this helps in getting an overview of the speech to ensure everything is included in the speech, there are no unnecessary overlaps or conflicting information.
(6)    Speaking Outline – how this can help the speaker deliver an effective speech
Investing time in speech organization helps the speaker know what is coming next due to the logical structure of the speech. The message is clearer to the audience because it makes it easier for them to follow the speaker’s reasoning.  This will lead naturally to more confident public speaking and speaking to groups.
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