Public Speaking Tips To Remember When You’re On Centre Stage

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There are many public speaking tips you’ll need to take into consideration when writing your speech and when preparing to deliver your speech. That said, once you’re centre stage, there are a few simple (but crucial) public speaking tips to always keep in mind:

Simple Public Speaking tips to remember:

• Start every speech with a smile. Don’t think for a minute that it’s silly, a warm and endearing face will hold you audience’s attention.

• Talk a bit louder than you think necessary.

• Put some enthusiasm into your voice.

• Use some gestures to show that you are alive.

• Get up on a platform above the audience if you can (they want and need to see you).

Here are a few easy public speaking tips you might need if you’re audience gets fatigued:

Always watch the audience (at the first sign of fatigue, do something)! This may be the point to bring up the next story. But don’t ignore that first yawn. Look out for your nervous habits, don’t fumble with your glasses, the change in your pocket or your clothes.

If you cannot find anything to say that will wake up you audience, start asking questions. Get your audience involved or get them moving by doing group exercises.

Remember: an active mind is a happy mind!

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