Public Speaking Today

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Public speaking has evolved over the last 40 years because of first radio then televesion so that is now about conveying ideas to the audience that are of benefit to them. There is more reliance on the content of speech and less reliance on the packaging. It is now more like private conversation with more people present. The only real difference is there is less interaction (less interuptions).

The information and ideas conveyed are now more  important . The audience is more interested in the material being delivered than the person delivering.

The sincere person does not need rhetoric or fine sounding words and phrases to express their ideas and convince their audience.  They can leave that to the professional politician.

Some seasoned speakers still rely on their showmanship to cover up the lack of content in their speech but this style is quickly fading as being popular except with some politicians.  The part time speaker that has something worthwhile to say that delivers it logically and clearly will outshine the seasoned professional who is going through the motions.

 This change in emphasis makes public speaking much easier for us individuals who are not blessed with great oratory skills. Most of us have the makings of a public speaker – a voice and a mind to create new ideas.  Successful public speaking mixes these together.  By adding a little preparation to the mix even the most modest of speakers can deliver a speech that effectively conveys their information and ideas with some sparkle and wit.  

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