Speak With Confidence – Ask Questions to Build Your Speech

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To be able to speak with confidence in public speaking is much easier when you know your subject and can give the audience what they want. This knowledge comes from;

1.From your own experiences

2. Researching other sources such as newspapers, the internet etc.

3. Asking questtions

Audiences like to hear stories about themselves. They also like to hear their own names mentioned.

In the new building for a golf club example introduced in part 1 you could;-

Ask the members about their experiences in raising money to support the club’s activities. Ask the grounds­man to tell you some stories about how the ground was developed. Try to find stories of determination which have resulted in the building being built in spite of difficulties.

After this work has been completed you will have dozens of facts around which you can build your speech.

Now prune. Discard all those facts which you find you can do without — duplicate stories — historical facts which are of little interest to the audience; these must be abandoned to enhance the value of the one histori­cal fact that is worth talking about. Remember now, you are planning your speech step by step, and if you keep to the steps you can’t go wrong.

So far, therefore, you have learned that a speech is an accumulation of facts, either thought out for your­self or found out from others. Having obtained this information, you have the framework of your speech.

You now have a good foundation to build your speech on. One of the keys to enable a speaker to speak with confidence is having this knowledge of the audience. The confidence to prepare and deliver an effective speech is based upon understanding the topic and the wants of your audience.

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