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To speak with confidence in public, there are a number of factors that assist in improving confidence when speaking and overcoming public speaking anxiety. One of the key factors is having a carefully prepared speech.

The next components in preparing your speech are to:-

Write down the main facts which will apply to each step.

Cut out facts of little importance.

Devise a good opening sentence for each fact.

You will find that the best policy is to write out a good opening sentence for each fact, and only when satisfied with your main sentences should you go ahead with the building of your speech.
Now you have your framework, and you can work upon it. But just to give an opening sentence isn’t enough. Each statement you make must be proved, and must be driven home. You must, therefore, build around each fact or sentence, and you do it in this way:

(a)    You give statistics to prove your point.
(b)    You present evidence to prove your point.
(c)    You give an historical fact.
(d)    You use an anecdote.
(e)    You tell a humorous story.
(ƒ) You give an analogy.
(g) You give a quotation.
(h) You recite a poem or part of a poem.

Remember these rules:
Statistics—make them live.
Quotations—make them apt.
Anecdotes—bring yourself into the story.

There is no set order, and obviously you will not use all the speech-builders. Possibly you will use only one —you may use statistics for example, or you may use two points such as statistics and an analogy. You may even use three—a humorous story, a quotation and statistics. But you will rarely use more than that.

You have now built up your speech, step by step. Go through it once more. Make certain that you are satisfied with it. Then write it out in full from your notes. Having done that, don’t read it again yourself, but get someone else to read it to you. Still you must not be satisfied, although perhaps two or three weeks have passed since you were first invited to speak. Continue to polish up your speech.

This is the end of the series on how to prepare a speech to speak with confidence. Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas that you have used to help you in building your speech and confidence.  The better prepared you are the easier it is to speak with confidence because you understand the audience and will be delivering what they want. It is this knowledge that gives a rational reason for being confident.

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