Speak With Confidence – Does Your Voice Convey Confidence?

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Crucial to being able to speak with confidence is how you use your voice. A voice is wonderful expressive instrument and will reflect your emotional state. If you feel confident it will reflect this and unfortunately it does also reflect any nerves or anxiety. When a person feels anxious there are number of things that may happen to your voice Рyou may speak too quickly, too softly or mumble.  The good news is that your audience will usually have the perception that you are less nervous than you think you sound. And there are also actions you can take to settle your nerves and help your voice sound calm.

Breathing – Taking a few deep breaths before you start helps to relax you and reduce nerves.

Humming – This helps with your tone. By humming a few lines of your favorite song, it helps your voice find its natural speaking pitch and should prevent speaking in a high pitch that nerves can cause.

Smiling  РGenuine smile helps you feel more confident and improves your mood. Also a genuine smile it contagious and will help relax the audience and help them accept you more easily. And you might even see some of the audience smile back.

Start Off Slow РWhen you start off your speech it is best to start off slow but not so slow that it becomes a monotonous drone.  Adopt a conersational tone as talking to a friend in private conversation.

Volume – It is possible to increase the volume of your voice without sounding un-natural. Ask whether the audience can hear you clearly, and adjust accordingly.

These simple remedies can improve your voice so that you speak with confidence.

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